Metal Insulations Limited

Since 2016, we have established ourselves as Canada's Fastest Growing IMP contractor. In doing so, we have cemented our place among the industry leaders in the design and installation of advanced building envelope products and solutions.

As leaders in Insulated Metal Panel Installation, we take 
pride in building environments that are more efficient, environmentally friendly, productive and adaptable for the 
forward thinking people and organizations we work with. 
The innovative insulated metal panel products we install and our cutting edge installation methods allow us to build more efficiently and at a higher standard than our competition.

"We believe the key to a sustainable future does not require perfection but rather the commitment to improving every single day. That's how we plan to build a better tomorrow."

Building a Better Tomorrow 

As the world demands more from buildings in terms of energy efficiency, fire safety, weather resilience, health and aesthetics, our manufacturers have expanded beyond producing traditional "sandwich panels" in recent years to encompass high-end facades.


With our knowledge of how to properly install insulated metal panel systems along with our manufacturer's ongoing research into better building design, we plan to take your next project into the next era of efficiency and performance.


As Canada's IMP Contractor, safety is at the forefront of all decisions we make. We don't believe in conforming to industry standard, rather we believe in taking every opportunity to improve how we execute our projects in accordance with our ever growing health and safety policy and procedures on a daily basis to ensure we're going above and beyond industry standard.